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To view Connor's monthy article in Boardseeker Magazine click here: Mentor and Student, with Jem Hall

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This is definitely not an e-Commerce site...

However, from time to time we will have limited edition single design clothing , which we will sell with a small margin, plus postage and packing.

Our first prototypes for a Red Nemesis Dog T-shirt looked like this:


T1 f&b.jpg (132469 bytes)

 For the 2004 Red Nemesis Dog Challenge we had a very small number of T1's printed...

 Click HERE to find out more about the RND 2004 Challenge

3_boys_back_in_hoodies.JPG (275437 bytes)

girl_in_hoodie.jpg (85972 bytes)

3_boys_in_hoodies.JPG (196065 bytes)  ...and and an even smaller number of hoodies printed as prototypes.

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